Friday, May 5

more photos up

While I have some time, I thought I´d post some more photos this afternoon, but I can´t seem to get them to add on to the original blogs that pertain, so just bare with me...

Above is the classic "Lara getting on a camel at 8 a.m., just after getting off the boat in Morocco".

Below is a beautiful shot in Lisbon, such a scenic and beautiful little city.

also this is the cute post office box where we mailed our postcards in Salema.
I find the gummies sold everywhere in Europe really amusing... usually for a snack on the train, it´s either ice cream, gummy candy, or chips, so not really the best low-calorie, high-fiber options. We also eat a lot of croissants and coffee for breakfast.

Anyway... pictured clockwise are the gummy brains at 9 o´clock, a Mannequin Pis (the famous naked peeing boy fountain from Belgium), a swirly something or other, some gummy lips, a gummy egg (yum! actually), another Mannequin Pis, a gummy pink strawberry, and a gummy blue clown fish.

Left and below, are the hike Kate and I took along the cliffs above the water in Salema.

Although now we´re in the coast of Spain for 3 days, the landscape is similarly beautiful, lots of flowers this time of year and the perfect temperature. We´ve collected some shells on the beach and are wondering how we´ll ever get them home.

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Casa Ogden said...

I posted this on the kateandlarablog also, but just in case you didn't see it there:

Hey LAAAA amd Ms. Love,

I see you guys are going to Belgium- Jamie's college roomate works for Ruters in Brussels and is an awesomely sweet guy so if you want his info let me know (Jeff is his name and he is originally from Littleton, Colorado). I know that Lara has already been to Austria (I was a little late in checking your blog in the begining of the trip) but if you are planning to head back thru Vienna let me know because my cousin Karen lives there with her daughter and was a great help when I visited there in 2000.

Lovin the blogs and "pix"