Monday, March 27

why wait, there's a world outside...

leaving for Europe in 7 days... kinda freaked out...

Items left to-do

-get a cell phone plan from STA
-buy a few museum admissions, boat trips, bus trips
-buy an itty-bitty umbrella
-test out all my camera flash cards
-pack (one last time)
-give the dog lots of hugs : (
-call kate

I guess I'm not doing too bad. I just know that my last 2 days in the office will be a complete wasted day with of everyone stopping by to say "are you excited? and what countries are you going to see?" - those very open ended questions that can't be answered quickly!


Ames said...

You need to add:
-write Amy 50 letters to hold her over until I get back.

Ames said...

This blog is boring! Nothing ever changes...

Miss Love & Lara Sue said...

and i'm going with you! yay!