Friday, March 31

long time gone...

Wow, I can't believe how actually sad it was to leave work.
Everybody was so wonderful & excited for me.

While some companies won't let you leave the building without
a security escort, none of the 40 people I work with would let me
get out of the building without a huge hug, their best wishes, and
of course a hearty helping of sheet cake. Even the HR person
gave me a hug. Amazing place.

The whole experience this past month of planning the trip has reminded me so much of when I left for college in 1996 (going from California to Boston).

While obviously I'll be coming back this time, the idea of going away
even for the short term puts a very new perspective on simple things
you dread, like the commute to work. I wonder how much I'll miss certain
things like the convenience of stopping for Starbucks at Safeway or even
the dreaded errand of picking up the $30 / a week dry cleaning -
considering my clothes will likely be washed in the sink for the next 3 months.

Who am I kidding - of course I'll miss the Safeway Starbucks! It's all I ever think about in the mornings.

but the experience also puts a real perspective on just how great your friends are...

more to come -


Kt & La said...

no worries about starbucks. we'll find awesome little coffee shops and sit and drink wonderful strong european coffee in the morning, afternoon, whenever we want! :D
a year of planning is becoming real. this is going to be a memory that lasts our lifetimes!

Ames said...

You girls are going to have such a blast!

Drink a latte for moi!