Monday, April 3

o canada

stopping over in toronto right now - just a little 5 hour
layover - and actually i highly recommend a transfer
through canada because it's like the half-europe experience.
you go through customs but really quickly - it's a practice round.

signs are in french, they take US dollars but give you canadian change. you can order a bagel with cream cheese at the cafe but they serve it with a piece of baguette on the side! (???) and everyone drinks tea of course, not soda.

i am having trouble even finding the puctuation marks on this keyboard...

anyway. so far so good. just a bit tired, and getting adjusted real quick to just how much stuff i packed which could have been left at home. so seriously.

also getting adjusted to this weird look of wearing a supposedly slim fanny pack (money belt with my wallet, passport, plane tickets, train tickets) strapped under my clothes for "safety". thieves are either going to spot me right away with this un-natrual kangaroo look, or they will figure i'm pregnant - one or the other!!

it's obvious i am "dressing for comfort" on this trip...


Ames said...

Ooh have some maple sugar candy for me. Hope you enjoyed your bagel/baggette combination (random!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara...It's Jen...I hope you have a wonderful trip :) Baris and I are looking forward to seeing you and showing off the cool things in Istanbul! Take care se you soooooon!
bye :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so incredibly jealous! Does your ticket say Tim Therrien Row5? Have fun, and remember if some local hot chicks offer to take you to the "art exhibition", don't do it, it's a cover up the locals sell you to these rich people who want to torture and murder americans for top dollar... Oh, guess that was a movie. Enjoy the real world.

Anonymous said...

Miss you already!!! Have a fab trip. Whitney sends you a big hug.


Kt & La said...

so what is it that i should leave at home?? countin' down the days...