Tuesday, April 11


ok, the annoyances with foreign keyboards continue...
this time i can only access the blogger website in german. d'oh.

speaking of d'oh - i watched simpsons in german for a couple minutes yesterday, very amusing still. in fact, maybe more so because of all the references to beer.

well, i am in Vienna now with Luba, for those of you don't know, she's my father's brother's uncle's best friend's former roommate (just kidding, she's just my college roommate who has an affinity for spaceballs).

the hostel situtation is going to take some adjusting for me! the beds are fine but the bathroom is about 1/10th of the space i'm used to, maybe like 1/20th the space, so this is wery wery interesting as Freud might say (Vienna's most famous resident).

so - I totally didn't realize that Vienna has more museums than any city I have ever seen or heard of - at least 30 in my brochure - many of which are the "largest collection" of whichever thing they contain.

conveniently, it's been cold & rainy, about 40 degrees fahrenheit, almost even snowing at times, so it's truly "good museum weather" - also good "duck into a pub for beer and goulash" weather.
today we saw the famous "The Kiss" by one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt, who is Austrian and hence VERY celebrated here although it's rather unfair that he was shunned by Vienna in his own day & age for being too erotic, too risque and now he's their biggest claim to fame. also we saw quite a few other famous modern / abstract / surreal artists who i really, really dig.

going to Istanbul (not constantinople) this weekend... and even with this frigid weather, i'm having a blasssssssssst.

stay tuned!


Leslie said...

Hey Lara!!

i'm so glad you're having fun! isn't europe awesome? i can't wait to see more of your pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara! I can't figure out the punctuation on the blog thingy ...I'm loving going on your trip with you though - it's unbelievably cool!

I got your postcard - thanks!
Keep em coming!