Monday, July 3

back to reality

made it home safe! glad to be home and spending a day to unwind & unpack. Not too much trouble adjusting to all the differences in culture yet, although I almost had forgotten how American toilet flushes looked, they're so different in Europe. And I also noticed right away, waiters in American restaurants are very attentive compared to European standards! Very very.

before I go I need to mention a huge Thank you to all my friends who let me stay with them in Europe, and who took time out of their schedules to show us around, I really really really really really really appreciated it! So Thank you Frank, Stephan and Verena, Anne and Jacob (& Andreas), Jorlan and Jeanine, Jessica, Jerry, Steve and Lali, Albert and Sara (& Jan & Oscar), Jennie and Baris, and Luigi.

and Jose & Sannerijn - I really owe you guys big time for the upload of your huge music library to my new ipod. I know I teased you about all the Classic Rock and 80's shit, but Aimee Mann and many others saved my life on days where I was ready to go bezerk on Kate, or at the freaks that were staying in our hostels, or at the kids that were kicking the back of my seat on the plane. It totally made a huge difference to my experience. That being said, I'm about to purge the library any second now! A little sad, but it means I'm home.

keep in touch y'all. peace homies.

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Ames said...

Welcome back, you'll find that reality is not really all that it's cracked up to be :)