Monday, July 10

I can't stop blogging!

In the last week that I've been home, I've been getting a lot of "what was your favorite _____?" questions so I feel the need to address that here. This feels so People Magazine or something.

Coolest City:

Runners-up: Lisbon & Ljubljana
Best BIG city that's still little and beautiful: Paris
Runner-up: Rome
Best country that I would want to live in: Holland
Runner-up: Belgium
Best scenery: tie for Switzerland and Tuscany
Runner-up: Southern France
Best shopping: All of Italy (but never mail anything home)
Best attitude from the locals: Cinque Terre
Best Everything - food, attitude, scenery, shopping, history: Greece
Best Trains: Germany, no contest!
Worst Trains: rural Portugal and Italy, no contest!
Best chocolate: Once you've had Belgian chocolate, there's no enjoying M&M's ever again
Most underrated: Ljubljana, Lisbon, Cordoba, Siena, Stockholm
A little overrated: Prague, Madrid, Florence, Copenhagen
Best Culture Shock: Istanbul
Top Places I want to go back to: For really active vacations - Portugal, Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Rome and coast), anywhere in Greece, Switzerland, and my favorite little runner-up, inexpensive and uncrowded Ljubljana. For just a lovely, typical Europe atmosphere, it's got to be Holland, Belgium, and France.

I added a few more pictures to blogs below because I had wanted to during the trip and never had the internet speed, or the time (and oh, do I have time now). scroll down and check it out. email me if you're having trouble loading the page.


Kt & La said...

what are your standards for "best country overall"? i got the feeling you didn't like holland much...pleasantly surprised!

philos said...

Thank you for your nice comments about my country, Greece.
You are always welcome back and give you advices from the inside!
But I believe that all Europe is a nice place to live, you can find interesting people and interesting places in all countries, especially if you have good energy, like you and your friend seem to have.
My biggest culture shock when I visited US years ago, it was that everything looked much bigger than Europe!

cami said...

Well it was fun reading your blog, so sad it's not going on anymore.