Saturday, June 17

6 Countries in 3 days

It's true. Train journeys included, we've passed through 6 countries in the last 72 hours -Switzerland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands. A little accelleration now that we only have about 15 days left!!

The last 3 nights we have spent 1 night in a city and moved on to the next place in the morning, which means lots of train travel and seeing the city in 6 hours or less. All great places, but Kate and I are BEAT.

First we saw Strasbourg on the French/German border, then we rented bikes to quickly zip around Bruges in Belgium (mmm, belgian chocolate), then I did a half-day of museums in Antwerp today, and met up with Kate and her friend Jessica in Holland tonight who has offered us a place to crash between countries twice now. Yay friends. Yay free internet. And especially Yay homecooked meal!

On the left is Kate in the Basel train station where, in changing train platforms, you literally have to walk through Germany and Switzerland before walking into France. Cute.

Tomorrow we're making a run for the German border and I'm still a little worried that we may not be able to get in or out of the country all week despite their normally-reliable trains. Earlier today Kate went to ask about getting train tickets between Frankfurt to Prague and the train agent practically laughed in her face. Hmm. Getting to Prague may require some creative form of transportation. Not sure what we're going to do yet. But I suppose in the worst case scenario, if we're trapped in Belgium or Holland for a few days, that's not so bad. Plenty of bars to watch the World Cup from.

Wish us luck!

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