Sunday, June 11

Santorini Photos

You'll probably all get postcards saying this, but at the sake of repeating myself, Santorini, the Greek island we visited for 5 days was spectacular. It was the best of all worlds - the food, the wine, the people, the landscapes, the weather, the beaches, the low cost... everything was perfect. I'd recommend visiting there in September, May, or even early June where there are relatively few tourists. That was what I couldn't get over. It's JUNE and it's still not their high season yet.

Probably the best part of our entire trip so far, was we rented an ATV (I mostly rode in the back) on our last day and scooted around the island at a whopping 20-30 mph. The references to Dumb & Dumber going through my head while riding the bike were endless, of course! but we visited some gorgeous beaches, especially Red Beach, pictured. Like jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Before that, we took an organized little boat tour of the island and saw beautiful postcard views of little white cities on the cliffs (pictured below the town of Ia) as well as taking a dip in some natural hot springs, and climbing the summit of the volcano. Oh and I rode a donkey up one of the steep cliffs. Sorry no digital pictures of that one, but click over to Kate's website for a couple more pictures from our trip...

By now we've had 2 straight days of really boring travel to get out of Greece (a one hour van trip, a 9 hour ferry, a one hour cab ride, an overnight stay in Athens, a one hour bus to the airport, a 4 hour flight to Milan, a 3 hour wait for our train, and then a 4 hour train to Switzerland) and I'm so freakin' jet, train, and boat lagged!!!

I never thought it would come to this (I am so busy usually, I never read), but I'm actually reading The Da Vinci Code now because the last 48 hours required so much sitting and waiting, and I found a used copy in our hotel. I must be the last person on earth who hasn't read it (just like I haven't seen Titanic yet!) Too bad I have no choice but to picture the main character to be Tom Hanks in this book though. Hmph.

Well it's late and this internet terminal is like 12 dollars an hour so I better go. Ahhh, Swiss prices.



Ames said...

Reminds me of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when she went to Greece. It looked great in the movie and awesome in your pics!

Cami said...

I was thinking the same thing as Amy! But I didn't want to admit to remembering the movie so vividly.

philos said...

I am glad that you enjoyed it in Greece and especially Santorini, my favourite place.
I wish to you next time you come to stay at the best hotels near the Caldera (Volcano)!