Tuesday, June 6

Greece, Yum!

I've been in Athens 3 days now and love it (what a surprise!).

But really, I am surprised, because this time of year, it's not as crowded or hot, the 2 things people warned me about. We stayed in the Plaka, a little touristy zone at the foot of the Acropolis with gorgeous views, cute little souvenir shops and more importantly, yummy cafes where the fresh Greek salads make me drool! (coursely chopped veggies swimming in olive oil and feta cheese, even better with bread).

I can imagine that in scorching hot heat, and tons more tourists, this could be hell, but it's quiet now. I think also it was just recently that they no longer allow cars on the Plaka streets, so that makes it low-key too.This morning has been the only bad day, because Kate and I had both forgotten (all this time!) to set our watches an hour forward for Greece, and we missed our ferry to Santorini which was at 7am today. The next one will not get us there until 2am tonight. So yeah - Grrr. We're both blaming each other for the screw-up too, don't ask me to elaborate more, but just trust me, we're both in a bad mood today.

Nevertheless, I really needed a day to organize my receipts, my bags, and my photos - I'll post some here (check out the 2 entries below). Yasas! (ciao)

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Ames said...

Ooh, Greece sounds like my kind of place.