Wednesday, June 21

Can you say flip flop tan lines?

For all of you who are wondering how my feet are doing - well, they're very
tired and need a massage. But they've had their share of pictures during the trip, don't worry. On the right was me surrounded in a sea of pigeons by the Duomo in Milan.

If you know me, you know it took a lot of deliberation to decide which pair of flip flops to bring on this trip. I own like 20 pairs and several are my favorites. I probably should have gone with my classic rainbow striped Vans which have lasted me almost 10 years so far, but I ended up taking my ol' reliable Reefs which are super soft for walking, and solid black so they can double as "going out" shoes sortof. Even funnier, Kate brought the same exact pair, so she has
served as my "foot double" in photos a couple times.

But here's the thing about Reefs... if they get wet, and then you walk in them, they start to slowly STINK really bad, and it's pretty unappetizing to sit in a restaurant with them on. I was able to get away with scrubbing / washing them regularly for a while, but after a 5-mile hike in Cinque Terre where they turned WHITE for a day (above), and then the hot temperatures of the summer picking up fast, the Reefs had to be thrown away at last.

At a flea market in Italy, I bought some replacement leather sandals (pictured right, on the steps of the Acropolis).
They actually have good grip for slippery steps, are very summer-appropriate, and match everything - but they are so NOT comfortable on your soles. They make me feel like I walked barefoot on rocks all day.

So, next I bought some very-trendy-in-Europe flip flops called Bahainas, in an even-more-trendy color, Brazil soccer green (pictured right in Santorini), and these have now become my walking shoes, since it's warm out every day, or if it rains, they're water resilient!

It was inevitable that I'd end up buying new flip flops at some point, I mean, it's taken a lot for me to not order a new pair from j.crew and have them overnighted to me over here!! I love my flops.


Casa Ogden said...

I was wondering when we'd more classic Lara "My Left Foot"esque photos- we've only had one to date in the Santorini section. Have you just been holding out on us till now?

Casa Ogden said...

Mee rite Nglish Goood!

Yes there is supposed to be the word "get" between the words "we'd" and "more"

So much for proof reading!

Cami said...

Love the flower!

Melonary said...

I got two pairs of Bahianas last summer at a trade show in Munich. I love these shoes! I wish I could find a place to buy them in the US.