Tuesday, June 6

Photo download - Rome

so...Rome's got a little problem with crowding in museums and monuments. They don't seem to be familiar with the concept we call "maximum capacity". At the Pantheon, I couldn't even get in the door, it was like a mosh pit in there. Sistine Chapel was the same way, only you're not allowed to take pictures or talk. I kept thinking about the fire at The Station bar in Rhode Island and how packed in the people were when that happened... yikes.

And speaking of crowds, check out the lines outside the Vatican! Thank goodness we took a tour with Rome Walks which I highly recommend- and we had an awesome tour guide who filled us in on everything about the Vatican while waiting in line 3 hours or so.

Beautiful mosaic murals were in all the metro stops in Rome.
I thought this t-shirt was so funny. I have to find a sticker of that! Cami, help me out here...

by the way, the rumors are completely true about buying cheap fake-brand purses in Italy, it's so easy. the vendors don't even have to hide. but it's interesting that they mostly have fakes of Gucci, Louis Vitton, and Dolce & Gabbana... and not Calvin Klein, DKNY, Chanel, kate spade, or many others. I wonder if there's been a law protecting some brands but not others.

And only in Rome would my hotel bed come with posters of Marlene Dietrich, Louise Brooks, and a Pier Paolo Pasolini film above my headboard! Rome is so bad ass that way! Their movie posters are of Pasolini rather than Marilyn Monroe - you know, someone who actually contributed something of substantial importance to the movie industry - call them crazy...

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