Tuesday, June 6

Photo Download - Greece

You'll see dogs sleeping in the streets all over the Plaka, they're on the corner of every restaurant. Not begging, just sleeping in the road.

But there was one we found that was SO HILARIOUS... (below). He was sleeping just like my dog always does - legs open, paws up, completely asleep, frozen in that position, and in the middle of a busy pedestrian area. The people eating dinner (below) didn't seem to appreciate the view as much as I did.

The_Acropolis was completely gorgeous and also made me so glad we came to Greece when we did, it's a real hike to get up there (and they don't mark the entrances well).

For those of you who need a "europe for dummies" lesson like me, the Parthenon is in Athens, the Pantheon is in Rome. Both mean "temple", but they're not the same at all. One's a rotunda type building, one's a greek columned complex.

Ha - here's Kate walking down the steps like a little grandma. We've both been totally walking down steps like freaks ever since my accident in the metro (read below). Actually Athens' marble steps and ramps are much much more slippery, even when they're flat like this. We've seen a few Americans go down!!

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Love the photos girls!