Wednesday, June 28

Prague & Copenhagen download

k, here's some pictures to catch you up on the last week or so... once again, we've been saved by friends who have high-speed internet. Yay friends!

Right is a little wagon on the back of a bike for transporting things like your groceries or your children - literally almost everyone owns one in Copenhagen. Biking is much more popular than driving. I almost got run over a few times because I forgot I was standing in a bike lane, not a sidewalk.

Here's me hanging out with Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen earlier today. He's actually really high up and slippery, but you're supposed to sit on his knee so he can read you a story.

Copenhagen totally wins for the coolest city hall (funky dragon sculptures).

My mom's friend Anne who we're staying with in Denmark has the cutest little 3 year-old son, Andreas. He loves trains. He's very shy.

Here's two pictures of Prague. Yep, gorgeous little city.

Funny thing was, I imagined us walking across the Charles Bridge (above) and stopping to take lots of pictures, but instead there were little jewerly vendors all over it and we spent about 2 hours shopping at them. By the time we got to the end of the bridge, we both had to find an ATM to get more Kronas.

Prauge had really funny posters for their Museum of Communism.

The red trolleys in Prague are so photogenic, I kept having flashbacks to one of my favorite movies, Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera. Liz or someone - was that filmed in Prague or Moscow?

Prague also had the prettiest post office we've ever seen (have to click on this one to see the detail of the walls)

and a cafe in Prauge called Fusion had the best coffee (cafe mocha pictured) we've had anywhere in Europe, and oh believe me, I've had coffee every single day on this trip.

Off to Stockholm tomorrow... it's midnight here so I better get some rest.


morris said...

hey, interesting blog, would you like to link to me?



Casa Ogden said...

I'm pretty sure the city stuff was St. Petersburg but it also could have been Moscow (he also shot some of the beachy/athletic stuff at resort areas on the Black Sea).

Sorry I've been absent for a little bit- can you tell I'm working again?