Tuesday, June 27

Half a week in Prague, Half a week in Scandinavia

We just got into Copenhagen this morning, and have only 6 days left before going home, hard to believe!

The last 4 days we were in Prague which was a gorgeous little city, but I couldn't appreciate it entirely because it was miserably hot and humid. I mean not just hot, it was uncomfortably hot. A couple times when we were climbing a steep hill or standing in line in the sun, I actually felt close to fainting. I can tell it's getting to be close to July, which is the high season for travel in Europe, and on that note - I know you will all roll your eyes at this - but I am glad to be heading home. Not like it won't be hot in Colorado, but at least I won't be lugging my 70 lbs. of bags around and sitting on unairconditioned trains for 7 hours like yesterday. Phew.

Also some news that put a damper on my mood the last couple days is when I last talked to Chris, I found out a large package of souvenirs that I sent from Italy arrived without 80% of the contents!! So I'll just say I'm sorry to most of you now, because that means lots of cute leather and/or Venician glass souvenirs are no longer going to be this year's Christmas presents. Sighhhhhhhh. I will try and look into whether my travel insurance might possibly reimburse me on this one, but I'm most sad about the 2 dozen or more postcards in there, which I'd never be able to track down again even if I tried. Gah.

I think advice to people sending things from Europe is to 1) bring your own packaging tape, they only provide really weak stickers at the post offices to seal the box and 2) take a digital picture of all the contents before sending it, so you know exactly what you lost, if it gets lost or stolen. These both seem like a big "DUH" to me now. But to be a little more optimistic - I guess if 6 out of the 7 packages I've sent home arrived safely, that's at least a fairly good percentage.


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